Brand Introduction  

    MONCA & BST is one of the famous brands in the bicycle field. We have welcomed 14th anniversary celebration. During the 14 years, MONCA & BST Bicycle insists on Special Product, High Quality, and Environmental Protection. From the beginning, MONCA & BST only produce traditional bicycles, but now we produce electric bicycle, electric tricycle, dog scooter, and electric bicycle kits etc. We have achieved the products integrity.Then, after variety meanings, MONCA & BST Bicycle can satisfy the Postman, Travel Lover, Amusement Lover, Extreme Sports Lover, Environmental Protection lover etc. RongKai Group makes self-brand and put the marketing separate into bicycle and electric bicycle. BST is the brand of middle-high-end bicycle. MONCA is the brand of electric bicycle and high-end bicycle. To face the hope and competition, we will never stop. To be better, to be more human. It is Rongkai's strongly faith with our life and future.

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